Uhmah Park

Month: November 2001

Comming off the bench now for the home team….

ill admit… im not the nicest guy… i dont refer to muhfuckas in tha nicest ways lol anyway…. cross refrencing the oppisite sex with professional sports will always be the guts to me! The names? please refer back to : this shit for further explaination…. Los Angeles Gang Bangers: does she have a picture? Chi-Town Playas: not online but i got one Los Angeles Gang Bangers: oooh Los Angeles Gang Bangers: how she look? Chi-Town Playas: u know how u have hall of famers Chi-Town Playas: then all stars Los Angeles Gang Bangers: yea Chi-Town Playas: then starters Los Angeles […]

Janky Bidness….

i.gasm.org…. Damn i almost forgot…. tha homie put me on to tha fact that November is Native American Heritage month… ( now that i think about it i could have mentioned something about this shit before ) damn… can you say slap in tha fuckin face? sigh… that shit is just too gotdamn awful for words. i cant even bring my self to cuss a whole bunch about tha shit… ( could have something to do with tha fact that im half sleep ) that shit is disturbing….

can you say GASP!

::: JOHNCOLTRANE.COM ::: coltrane is hard… and to make it even better… its a tight ass site! just when i thought there was no good resources on the internet… i accidently stumbled on to this… thumbs up Syl brought me back a jazz book from madi gras (sp) i scaned a picture of him out of it and made a desktop buss it sigh… imma practice my strangulation techniques when i find the bastard who broke into me and syls cars and stole our shit ( two of my coltrane cd’s where in there )

Soup Report

Man… did anybody see inside the nba last night?? did anybody see dominque wilkins let barkeley HAVE IT! two hand style…. boosted on that ASS gotdammit i havent seen some shit that bad in a LONG TIME!!! woooo… yes… we love…… ‘tha soup’


The other day, this girl i used to be extra cool with was on some shit… and made a comment saying that i only date nonsubstanial females…. i was so fuckin mad i didnt know what to do. Mind you this is somebody who had a thing for me, just like i had a thing for them. it just never went anywhere because a whole buncha reasons. But damn? Nonsubstantial? i had to ask two people what that shit EXACTLY meant, just incase i happen to be wrong. that shit damn near ruined my day. my feelings wasnt hurt… i […]

Yall musta FORGOT!!!

lol that song is tha guts! Tha Roy Jones track? anyway… ummmm… can somebody tell me what happen to Sandra Levy? What about Gary Condent? did they ever find ol girl? everybody just forgot about her ass… i wonder did her parents forget about her too? or are they just HELLA PISSED that nobody gives a shit no more? cold business… dont get it twisted… i dont nessicarlly “CARE” i mean… its cold how ol girl came up missin and all… loving parents miss thier child… but people come up missing all the time just like people die all the […]

Lip Art?

i just saw some shit on tha news… says that Lip Art is tha hot new shit… what it is… you paint (females) dots and starts and hearts and other bullshiit on their lips……………………… and its suppose to be tha newest thing… yap yap yap… look for it… you will be cool if you do this. psshh oooooor you will get talked about if Tha OJ see’s your dumb ass walkin around with your shit painted all kinda retarded ways… lipstick is already a pain in tha ass… muthafuckas be markin your shit up… tryin to get niggas busted n […]

Tell me if im wrong.

tell me if im wrong…. but the news and everybody else hypes tha fact that people cant drive while they are on thier cell phone. people say that they arent as focused on the road and cause accident and yap yap yap. but correct me if im wrong… but isnt talking on tha cell phone… just like talking to somebody in the car with you? and on top of that! shouldnt tha shit actually be fuckin EASIER! i mean…. if you think about it. when you have your phone ( or ear peice ) to your head, you dont have […]