Uhmah Park

Month: October 2003

ATL Bound… again!

Tommorrow… ill be headed to Atlanta for the Morehouse-Spelman Homecoming… that nigga Calvin was SUPPOSE to go… but his shit got all fucked up. So it will be just me and Deah. hopefully ill have fun… but im in the middle of a move… and moving stresses me out. real bad… ( i dont know why ) imma have to drink alot to have a good time im sure lol. Hey OJ? youre gonna be in GA? come say hi! eeehhh dont know about that lol. yall could be crazy and try to get a nigga! lol email… ill see… […]


man… i hate this time of the year. what time of year is that? that fucking holiday season. i cant stand it…. this is the part of the year where OJ turns to the dark side… Anger leads to Hate… Hate leads to the Dark side. we all know the story. and from the middle of october till febuary… im in a hateful ass mood, after feburary passes… and i get my valentines day on … heh! im just comfortably numb, and try to go into hiding for all of March… untill April, when its about to stop raining and […]

Blogging, The Beggining.

Before i begin. Let it be publicly known that my i am just INCHES pasted Increditably Innbreated. yes. that sounds amazingly accrate at the momment. And while all that is going on. Im up here watching I love the 80’s Strike Back, and they begin to show a clip of a show i often watched back in the day. Dougie Hoswer MD. Yes. The show that kicked off blogging. I couldnt believe ive never seen it before. Soon as the music started playing it was very clear where the craze orginated. Traggicly however… it took a good 13 years to […]

Kris Kross

i dont know if i have posted this before… but this shit is the guts. apprantly… there are some people that seem to think, crosseyedness is contagious. how? im not gonna even say shit… JD : nigga do cross eyed people make you feel cross eyed? OJ : oh no OJ : … no nigga lol JD : oh JD : must be me OJ : why was this other female trippin on me about crosseyed people… JD : what you mean OJ : lol nigga… she was askin me about cross eyed people one day… OJ : shit was […]

Uhmah Opinions: iTunes

Recent, Hell Froze the fuck over and Apple released a verison of its famed itunes for windows. hot-muthafuckin-damn! me personally…. imma winamp man… not 3 but 2.x…. 3 fucking sucks. actually… a beta of winamp 5 is out now ( …. winamp 2 + winamp 3 lol corny muhfuckas …. ) which cracks, you can use the skins and features from both verisons with this shit and it doesnt crash! it goes down lol. but anyway… i have both a Mac and a PC, when i heard that apple had a windows verison of itunes, i was all over it. […]

Lets Smurf a Laugh….

shall we? nigga was watching i love the 80’s strike back… and they showed the smufs., BMG… take it from here! BMG: yo i used to hate the fucken smurfs BMG: i wanted gargemel to eat all them mafuckas OJ: LMAO!!!! OJ: LOL CRUEL ASS NIGGA LMAO!!! BMG: lol word yo i used to hate that shit OJ: dogg… honestly… who hates the smurfs? OJ: what kinda nigga hates the smurfs dogg? lol BMG: man i hated the smurfs when i was a kid LMAO!!! this reminds me when errin called a nigga up talking about “lets smurf a party!” […]

Quote this shit here.

alright… i promise to try to post more… imma TRY… no promises… i may end up posting like 3 times in one day or some shit… but imma TRY to post more often. so… whats gonna happen is… if im near my computer… ill just post my thoughts. thats the reason i started this shit anyway. so… today i was pacing right. ( i pace ALOT ) and i remembered this t shirt i saw this girl had on one day. ( cant remember where i was ) Its always funny, till somebody gets hurt…….. Then its fucking halarious! wooo […]


Before you read this… i would just like to say the following: i have never claimed to be a nice guy, “right”, or anything in the way of positive. lol so much shit happen the weekend of this story… but this is what sticks out the most. this weekend started on thursday and ended on monday night lol. this past summer was great! Kkarma (1:52:37 PM) : whats been goin on? OJ (1:53:44 PM) : shit OJ (1:53:46 PM) : lol OJ (1:53:49 PM) : not a damn thing at all Kkarma (1:53:51 PM) : fun. OJ (1:54:00 PM) : […]

Bring a Gun to my Funeral

… because if some assholes breaks out with bag pipes playing amazing grace… i want you to shoot in thier general direction. thanks! …. if not… ill haunt you till you get your neck snapped off by Roys tiger lol, or you suffer some other humilating grusom ass death lol. if you love me… youll pull that trigger! … well… if your not so bold to just dump on a muhfucka… maybe you can get a chair or a bat or a blunt object or something like that, and Tanya Harding the muthafuckas on the bag pipes! something… dont let […]

Ask OJ….

Max recently did a ” Ask Max ” entry on his blogger… or has been for the past couple of days… and now he is reversing the tables… asking questions of his questioners lol. … even tho i didnt ask that nigga shit lol… i still got a set of questions to answer. lol i dont mind…. oddly enough. because alotta times… i HATE to be asked questions. i guess a nigga has to be in the mood. so… lets go. Yo OJ (you knew this was coming, lol)… 1. Will you ever leave the apartment complex I like to […]