Uhmah Park

Month: January 2005


What Would OJ Do? for some reason… people are alaways asking me… say OJ, would you do this that or the other? i suppose they are amused by my answers for whatever reason. sometimes yes, sometimes no… but for whatever reason im always being asked. anyway… so the other day, i was talkin to my dad… and he was telling me about nasa.gov and how great of a site it is and what not. the articals and video and what not on the site. then i had the sudden revalation… hey… ill be damned, if im not into space all […]

Muthafuckas Say…

Muthafuckas say… yea… i dont like raw fish! i dont eat raw fish! sushi? ugh! im so cool on raw fish… but them same muthafuckas are quick to eat a tuna sandwich. yes… i am guilty of this lol. i just realized yesterday night ( morning… it was like 4am ) when i was making me some of the best tuna ever… that tuna is indeed raw fish. uncooked like a muhfucka. dah well lol. i never thought about that shit before… and i know tons of people who swear they never eat raw fish, but ive seen them niggas […]

When I Get High

i have a poem. its called When I Get High buss it…. When i get high sometimes i get too high but i can see why, what is what and why is why i could eat a whole apple pie when im high it feels like the fog has been cleared from in front of my eyes i can see how its deep and why its wide but i cant understand why more people dont get high when i get high i feel just fine i sit alone and let silly thoughts run through my mind im higher than the […]

How Jokes Evolve

Some people ask me… say oj, how do you and your friends come up with this retarded ass shit you write about in your blogger. And of course there is a story behind it… usually shit evolves from other shit. for example: “The Guts” evolved from when niggas used to say… “i almost busted a gut laughing at that shit” that probably isnt going to correspond well with the shit im about to paste. but fuck it, you get the picture. anyway… this nigga dell had me rollin earlier. oh… and dont ask me when that nigga is going to […]

How Rude!

so i was in the store… got my shit… i was ready to leave. headed to the door. some guy, trying to enter the store, gets to the door a step or two after i do. and as an act of decentcy and humanity, i hold the door open for said buddy, no big deal, happens millions of times a day right? right. he nods at me… “oh thanks” walks by… and fucking farts as he is walking by!!!!!!!! what the fuck dogg?!?! i didnt catch on at first… but the aroma quality in the immedate vicinity plumated like 80 […]

Shit ive noticed.

its raining fuckin wilderbeast and walrusses ( say three times fast….. with out laughing! ) nigga its raining hard as fuck. there is water every gotdamn where. fuck. but… im hungry as fuck, and i need substainace! so i headed out to mc donalds… rolling through a airbone fuckin air tsunami ( was that insenstive? im sorry lol not really, but yea ). and i get a 20 peice mc nugget, large fries, and two apple pies ( did i mention im blowed? ) equipped with thier special bbq sauce and one of a kind sweet and sour sauce. ( […]