Uhmah Park

Month: June 2005

You Wanna Be Startin Somthin?!

i said mamma say mamma sah mamma mah ku sah! NIGGA! lol what the fuck is that suppose to mean?! i think i should embark on a quest to find out. but some how i think imma be disapointed with the answer. just like how mad i was that MJ didnt dance or ANYTHING coming out of the courtroom. UGH! anyway…. that song will always remind me of the time i was out clubin one night with a few of my friends from the apts i was stayin in at the time. they were college students. im about a year […]

A Half Sleep Thought…

… if a floor………………. can be clean enough to eat off of. …. can a plate be dirty enough to walk on? just a thought. but why would you walk on plates? because if imma be eating off the floor… i certainly dont want to get it dirty now. of course. i know this wont make sense in the morning. youll have to pardon me, but imma post this shit any-muthafuckin-way. Nigga! and no… im not blowed!