Uhmah Park

Month: November 2007

Mail It In Fridays

My cousin JD and I have phrases and terminology we use (as well as the rest of my friends) that say alot. One of those things is “Mail It In Friday’s” (or cash it in…) This comes from those times where its a Thrusday night, and maybe youre planning on getting some work done on Friday, maybe youre gonna work hard in the morning and then bullshit the rest of the day, take an early day n shit. Then all of a sudden, its Friday morning and youre trying your hardest to get something done but you keep going in […]

Breakfast Of Champions – Consequense

this guy is dope. this video is dope. he only rap one way it seem like though. you may remember him from rippin apart that good bad ugly track with kanye. shit was great. I had to post this on the strength of JD hype. lol The female in this video is cold business. I like its short sweet, fine girl, dope rhymes, not complicated. high five! lol if it wasnt for nahright.com id probably never watch videos lol

No, Its the dust homie

So I was sitting here watching espn. And it seems that the DLP people have paid for alot of advertising on the network. Ive seen every version of “Its the MEEEEEERs”. You know this commercial here: video://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_w4cv6T_Fk First of all… let me tell you why this is a blowed commercial. Because there is a little white girl walking around with a muthafuckin elephant and nobody ask questions. They just wanna know whats in the box. In other versions of this commercial this lil girl is dealing with some niggas. And they dont ask about the fuckin elephant either. What the […]

Ebony And Ivory

…. And the “Nigga What Are You Doing? Award” for the month of November 2007, goes to Micheal damn Jackson. This is like Brittney not wearing draws to the club and letting TMZ know what time she was gonna leave and how many drinks she would have probably had by nights end. This shit is the guts. I dont know what funny guy at Ebony thought it would be fucking hilarious to put Micheal Jacksons pale ass on the Cover of Ebony, draped in a white ass suit no less. No, Im not bitching that there is a “white person” […]


I hate halloween. The only consession that halloween offers is all the females dressed up all slut like. But a quick BOOOOO for all you girls who try to dress up like sluts but still fail miserably and or the girls who should be trying to be slutty at all because its gross, you make things harder than they have to be. You know you suck. Stop already this shit is suppose to already be scary enough. We dont know you fucking things up further. That being said. My cousin JD has the same disdain for halloween like I do. […]