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Month: November 2008

Products For Weenies: Awethumb

If by chance, you were sitting around one day, wondering if you were a weenie. Well I have the perfect test for you. If you think you might get great use out of this product, then there is a 99% chance you might be a weenie. With a 1% chance for special circumstances. I cant think what any of those special circumstances would be off hand. I dont know, maybe if you keep burning your fingers on your blunts and they temporarily hella sensitive… and you need to send a text message. Watch the video for an explanation. Text could […]

The Pro and Cons of Using EBT If You Arent On Government Assistance

King Juave = JD. Big Juave = OJ I’d explain the names, but fuck it, i dont feel like it right now. Im too busy laughing at this shit. if you know somebody with food stamps, and you think you want to use them… please consider the following lol and just incase you didnt read the title right. Yes… it usually is PROS and CONS… but in this case… its just PRO and CONS. (JD’s Joke) oh, and just incase you need a point of reference… http://www.ebtproject.ca.gov/ … there you go lol KingJuave: nigga over here trying to swindle food […]

Soup Theater: Jordan Farmar Is After Your Neck

If you jump with a dude named “Jordan”… I dont care if its his first middle or last name. You have to think your chances of getting dunked on are super high lol. Or at least you should. Like Chris Bosh should have lol. If you are going to guard the basket, being damn near 7 feet tall, against somebody who is barely 6’2’’ charging the basket hard as fuck. No matter who he is… youre gonna have to put forth a better effort than Mr Bosh is about to do. Otherwise, you will find your self on Soup Theater!! […]

It wasnt a Terrorist Fist Jab! It was a Fist Kiss!

Days, Weeks, Months and “Over Time Ago” Barack Obama and his “Good Bride” were said to be exchanging Terrorist pleasantries before one of his speeches. Photographed here: Recently the matter has been cleared up, by Shaq and Mike (somebody) an espn anchor in this simple demonstration. LMAO a fucking fist kiss?!?!?! LMAO! Fucking Hilarious. So you see.. Barack… excuse me… President Obama and The First Lady where not showing each other terrorist love. It was a less creepy version of Al and Tipper Gore stage kiss. It was something every one could relate to. Because President Obama is a man […]

Vintage Soup: KJ for Mayor!

He did this nigga so damn dirty. lol Whats even funnier is that it was Kenny Smith playing some bullshit ass defense that got Hakeem banged on like this lol. Still one of the all time best soups ever. and of course I posted this, because KJ is now the Mayor of cowbell town ( Sacramento – thats what we call it down here in LA. be mad lol). Also note, in the linked article, all of the scandals this man has been involved it. Gotdamn! lol shits crucial lol.